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Move to New England, They Said...Start a Blog, They Said!!!

Welcome to my new Blog, where I talk about life, the universe and everything I love and live for!! This is a huge first for me; however, I thought I would give it a try!

Many of you may already know that this past year has been extremely busy with many life altering events. Many...well, most of them being absolutely wonderful! One of the wonderful things that came along with my travels to the East Coast has been the invitation to perform alongside the New England Brass Band (NEBB), a traditional British Brass Band that travels and performs throughout every state in New England. Now residing in New Hampshire, we finally settled in around September, which means that we dove right into the brass band concert season....Phew! Yipes!

Between the months of September through December, this wonderful Brass Band performed in a whopping 12 concerts!! Talk about crazy and tons of miles travelled! Below I'm going to put a few pictures that simply outline some of the venues.

This is just one of the performances in the year of 2017...Talking about jaw dropping. This beautiful venue is a mansion on the coast of Rhode Island (Fun fact, I had never been to Rhode Island until this concert!). The concert consisted of a small selection of the Brass Band performing Holiday music as a sort of benefit concert...This was out very last concert of the season...Right before Christmas. I loved and loathed the music we were playing at this point....nah, who am I kidding....I LOVE holiday music!

The picture to your right (Your other right...) is usually what the venue looks like when we are performing! Crammed and tons of people...LOVE IT! Also, if you noticed my high tuba buddy right next to me actually has her F instead of the Eb-tuba...I believe this is the concert where my high tuba friend had her Eb-tuba locked in her car because her toddler decided to hide the van keys somewhere inside the house!! Bahaha!

Getting all set up before too many people arrive for the dress rehearsal...this is yet again another church performance. This picture is being generous with the space illusions it's providing! I've never played so close to the Eb-Alto Horns before in m life...they were basically sat in our laps. Thankfully this church had a nice high ceiling that allowed for our sound to breath....even if we couldn't!

This season has been absolutely wonderful and stressful all at the same time. Many miles travelled, states visited and not many wrong notes. I'm so very grateful for the opportunities the move across the country has provided...I'm ready for many more. This last picture is actually one of my favorites from our Brass Band travels...It's simply my tuba being gorgeous next to a Christmas tree entirely made out of poinsettias! I hope you enjoy the colors! Also, I hope you enjoy my new venture in blogging! Cheers!

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